10 easy ways to help the environment

At Brother we work constantly to reduce our impact on the environment.

In fact, we were the first printer manufacturer to receive Blue Angel certification on inkjet devices. A Blue Angel label signifies long service life, low energy usage and minimal environmental impact.

As part of our environmental policy we are also committed to helping our customers to do their bit. We all want to be greener, and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve come up these top 10 easy environment tips that can help you make a real difference.

10 ways for a happier planet

1. Recycle your Brother print cartridges

Just package them up and send them back to us, free of charge, and we’ll do the rest. Doing this also supports our work with the environmental charity Cool Earth.

2. Print double sided

A simple change to your print settings can halve your paper usage in a single click.

3. Only print the pages you need

It sounds obvious, but we’ve all printed 30-page documents when we only actually want a couple of pages!

4. Don’t leave computers and other appliances in standby

According to the Energy Saving Trust, up to 16% of domestic energy consumption is caused by appliances left in standby mode*.

5. Buy from companies with eco-friendly policies

If customers support greener ways of doing business, more companies will adopt them.

6. Recycle your old or broken printer

Old printers don’t belong in your bin! It’s easy to find your nearest recycling center online.

7. Use newer, more energy efficient machines

When you’re buying a new printer, look for its energy rating and environmental credentials.

8. Print grayscale

If you’re printing a black & white document, go to settings and click on the ‘Grayscale’ option. It can help reduce the amount of ink you use.

9. Consider your print quality settings

Adjust your print quality settings when printing draft documents. Lowering the resolution will save you ink and time.

10. Use genuine supplies

Using original ink cartridges and toner cartridges minimises your energy consumption. Brother printers are designed to work with your genuine supplies to reduce waste and the impact that you have on the environment.