Want to keep your documents safe? Choose the right scanning solutions.

Forward-thinking companies are already starting to future-proof their business processes, and moving to a paperless office is at the heart of this movement. But aside from the greater efficiency and productivity gained by moving from physical documents to digital, there’s another even more critical aspect to consider – data security. As organisations today deal increasingly with highly sensitive user and corporate data, the need to maintain information security is more important than ever before. However, with the rise in data theft, even the process of scanning your paper records and storing on your servers could result in your valuable information being compromised.

Thankfully, there are professional document archiving solutions that can help address this.

Uncompromising security for scanning, storing, sharing

With professional document scanners like those from Brother, you can count on the latest security features and protocols to meet even the most stringent corporate mandates and regulations. These advanced scanning solutions will not only help streamline your scanning and archiving workflow, but come equipped with the latest enterprise-level security innovations to prevent unauthorised access.

These advanced scanning solutions include industry-standard protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Signed & Secure PDF Authentication, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), 802.1x and Certificates to protect sensitive assets such as images, documents and audits, and are crucial in helping businesses meet legal requirements from the latest government policies.

Defend your data from internal threats

Aside from looming external threats, there’s always a danger of your data being accessed from unauthorised personnel in your organisation. Unfortunately, up to a fifth of businesses have no plans to restrict employee access to digital documents, and this could lead to data breaches occurring from within.  That’s why it’s important for you to consider scanning solutions can restrict access to only authorised users. This can come in the form of a function lock which requires users to input a PIN before they can access certain features of your scanner, or even scanning solutions equipped with an access card reader that only allow users with an access card to start using the machine.

Gain peace of mind with document-level encryption

Securing your document workflow at the machine level is one thing, but what about the files themselves? After all, sensitive information is constantly being shared and distributed, and could easily end up in the hands of someone who could misuse it. To address this, Brother professional scanning solutions come with a suite of security features that allow you to scan directly into a Secure PDF format. This will encrypt the document and hardcode a 4-digit PIN which viewers must enter correctly before opening the file. You’ll also be able to scan to a signed PDF to protect the authenticity of your scans, ensuring that documents cannot be edited and resaved to be passed off as your original work.

Put your trust in a world-leader in scanning technology

While these are a lot of factors to consider, data theft is a huge threat that is growing each day. To learn more about the scanning innovations that can help your organisation counter these threats, while giving your digitisation workflow a boost, visit here.


Why your business needs professional document archiving, and how to do it.

Even as businesses rush to embrace digital transformation in every aspect of their operations, many companies still face the challenge of digitising their hardcopy documents and storing them securely. Be it client records, invoices, financial documents, contracts or the like, a recent survey found that up to 72% of SMEs still maintain paper records containing sensitive information, citing the sheer volume and complexity of digitisation as the main hurdle to them doing so.

But does this really have to be the case? Let’s find out.

Digital archiving and why it matters

Digital archiving is the process of converting physical paper documents into digital files that can be stored and accessed on your servers, or on the cloud. More than just an incredibly effective way to store massive volumes of documents, digitally archiving can help your business with:

  • Better responsiveness — With digital documents, various departments can swiftly store and access time-critical documents without having to access a centralised physical storage location and sorting through everything to find a single file.
  • Effortless collaboration — Digitised documents allows all authorised personnel to upload, access, and share document anytime, from anywhere. This helps your business become more agile by enabling effortless collaboration across departments, branches, clients, and even countries.
  • Improved security — With digital archives, you can easily assign usage rights to ensure only the right personnel have access to the right files. You’ll also be able to readily track and monitor who has accessed, deleted or modified any data – a task that is difficult to do with paper documents.

How to start digitally archiving your documents (the right way)?

Although consumer scanning solutions that can be found on multifunction printers, or as standalone devices, these are only suitable for simple scanning tasks. When it comes to archiving, analysing and distributing massive volumes of documents, you’ll soon find them inadequate.

On the other hand, you have dedicated professional document scanners like those available from Brother. These high-speed, feature-rich scanning solutions are not only capable of swiftly scanning a wide-range of documents, but also come with professional document management tools to help streamline the entire scanning process.  More importantly, these advanced scanning devices feature robust security safeguards that meet and exceed government and industry regulations, ensuring your sensitive data is kept secure against evolving threats.

Document management for the mobile workforce

With an increasingly mobile workforce that’s constantly on the move, businesses in the financial, real-estate, sales and legal industries are turning to portable scanners that are designed for on-the-go productivity. Powered by built-in batteries, these compact and lightweight scanners fit readily into a bag, allowing users to scan documents as and when they need, while delivering professional scanning quality for archiving.

While small in size, these portable scanning solutions can be big on features, with some offering mobile and cloud solutions to help users effectively scan, store, manage and share contracts, client documents, and signed proposals from smartphones, tablets and laptops – whether they are in a café or a showroom. Now that you understand the benefits of digital archiving, the next step is exploring the available solutions, and finding out which suits your needs best. A good place to start, is with a world leader in scanning innovation here