How To Choose The Best Label Printer For Your Small Business

How To Choose The Best Label Printer For Your Small Business

Looking for the best label printer for your small business can be quite a challenge for first time users. 

There are all sorts of label makers ranging in size, cost, and print speed—but which features should you consider to find the perfect label printer for your small business? 

Here are some of the top factors to consider:

  1. Types of Label Printers
  2. Price
  3. Printing Speed
  4. Volume of Printing
  5. Print Quality
  6. Portability
  7. Water Resistance
  8. Versatility
  9. Connectivity
  10. Usability and Comfort

With so many choices of label printers in the market, it’s easy to get lost as you weigh the different criteria while selecting the perfect label maker for your small business. In this article, you will learn what the most important attributes are in a label printer.

1. Types of Label Printer

Which type of label printer—thermal label printer or laminated label printer— best suits your business needs? 

There are pros and cons to each label printing technology so read on to find out more.

  1. Direct Thermal Label Maker

If your business requires labels used for barcodes, address labels, shipping labels, receipts, tickets or food packaging, the direct thermal label maker is a good fit for you. Thermal printing uses heat-sensitive label stock and burns text onto the label itself, without reaching dangerously high temperatures. 

Most thermal printed labels last a long time. However, they are not well suited for environments that expose them to heat, long periods of direct sunlight, or abrasion as the material will darken, making the text illegible or the barcode invalid. Hence, do keep in mind that direct thermal printing is not the best option for long-life products and applications. 

Brother’s QL-800 Label Printer, which bagged the PC Mag Editors’ Choice 2020, is one of the most popular label makers in Singapore utilising thermal printing technology. Brother’s DK-22251 series offers black and red printing, and is popularly used for address labels, shipping labels and food packaging as you can highlight important information such as use-by dates and allergens. Such label printers have a speed of 93 labels per minute, which makes labeling very efficient.

Developed for busy workplaces, you will be happy to know that this advanced label printer is easy to set-up and use. Simply connect the printer to your PC or Mac via USB, and run the built-in software—with P-touch Editor Lite, you need not install printer drivers.

  1. Laminated Label Printer

For businesses that focus on backend assets where labels are needed for shelves, office equipment, name badges, cabinets, and files, the laminated label printer may be your best bet. Laminated labels can withstand the test of time (fade resistant) and elements (heat/cold/water) better as the ink is printed onto the laminated labels.

For such uses, the Brother PT-D450 Label Printer might be the label printer of choice. The PT-D450 allows you to quickly generate labels up to 18mm wide, either using the printer’s own keyboard and high resolution backlit display to create them directly, or by sending your designs through your PC or Mac via P-touch Editor software. It is also one of the few label makers designed with a QWERTY keyboard, making it extremely user-friendly. 

lady working at desk with rows of files

2. Price

Cost is the next factor that you should consider—but don’t just focus on the cost of the label printer itself; also consider the cost of its consumables—ink cartridges, toners, print head, label tape, stickers, rolls, etc. You may be shocked by how quickly the costs of the consumables add up after snagging a cheap label printer. 

To avoid such surprises, it is wise to do the math and get a clearer picture of what your costs will be like in a year. You might be better off with a competitively priced label printer, with more affordable consumables that help keep the long-term running costs low.

3. Printing Speed

The printing speed of the label maker can make or break your business—especially if your print volume is high or you operate in a time-sensitive environment. Having a label printer that can produce more labels at a faster speed will definitely streamline your business processes. The number of labels per minute or the inches per second are specifications that you have to look out for when choosing the ideal label maker. 

4. Volume of Printing

Similarly, the print volume of a label maker can affect your business. If you need to print a huge volume of labels, a more efficient label printer that has an auto cut function can help you save time spent on constantly changing cartridges or label rolls. This function aids in continuous printing by cutting your label to the precise length, for up to one metre.

5. Print Quality

Do you need to print high quality labels or would an above-average quality suffice? Do you need your label prints to be smudge-free and fade-proof? 

These are some questions to ponder upon, especially since print quality is typically correlated to its price. If print resolution is important to you, you may want to look out for a label printer that offers higher dpi (dots-per-inch).

Rolls of labels with barcodes

6. Portability

Another factor to consider is the portability of the label printer. Do you need to constantly be on-the-go with your label printer, moving from product to product, shelf to shelf, warehouse to warehouse? With a portable label printer that has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, you will be able to continue labeling for a longer period of time, keeping an efficient workflow. 

This is where you may have to decide between lightweight and portable label printers and the heavy-duty ones.

7. Water Resistance

The environment your business is in will also affect the type of labels you choose. Water-resistant labels would be extremely important if your business operates in high-humidity conditions or if there is a possibility of condensation at any point of the logistics process. 

8. Versatility

The versatility of a label printer provides you with multiple ways to send a print job from—standalone, PC, mobile device, network systems, etc. It is important to consider this attribute if your business taps on these diverse needs. For a more comprehensive read on these multiple ways of printing, click here!

9. Connectivity

In the digital and mobile age, you may need to consider how easy it is to connect your label printer to a computer for direct printing from common applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Most label printers can be connected to a computer via USB. Other more advanced models may come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. If you need your labeller to link up with other devices frequently, your ideal label printer will need to check this box.   

10. Usability and Comfort

Finally, the most important factor that trumps it all is the labeller’s ease of use. Is the screen big enough for you to preview the labels comfortably? Is the label printer intuitive to use? The overall user-friendliness of a label printer could be a deal maker (or breaker) so do try it out before you make the leap!


Choosing the best label printer for your small business can be a daunting task. We hope that the above tips are helpful in enabling you to decide on the best label printer for your business.

How to Set Up Your Home Office Space

woman working at desk with laptop

Are you setting up your home office space and need help to determine what the most important home office essentials are?

Wish to choose the best all-in-one printer for scanning, copying and printing to supercharge your home office?

With so many things to consider, choosing the right office supplies for your work-from-home gig can be stressful. Whether you are looking to set up your home office from scratch or are looking for a few key pieces to get you started, we are here to help.

In this article, we give you the lowdown on how you can set up your home office space to maximise your productivity and efficiency. It includes the most essential items you need for a home office, along with the best home office multifunction laser printer options available in the market. 

How to Set Up An Efficient Workspace from Home

An efficient home office should ideally be a separate space in your home that is away from your bedroom. It could be a small study space or a corner of your living room. 

Here are some essential Work-From-Home (WFH) items to invest in that can last you for the long haul.

brightly lit home office space

Ergonomic Desk

Do you spend hours at your desk facing a computer screen? If so, an ergonomically-designed desk might be your new best friend.

With numerous adjustable desk options in the market, you’re totally spoilt for choice.

Pro-tip: How do you know if your desk is at the correct height? Check that your forearms are parallel to the ground and your wrist is not bent when you type on the keyboard or use the mouse.

Comfortable Backrest or Chair

A comfortable work-chair is one of the most crucial elements of any office. A good work-chair that provides ample lumbar support can prevent backaches and neck-aches in the long run. 

So take your time to shop for a good one, and where possible, test the chair before making a purchase.

Wi-Fi Booster

You know that feeling when you have an important video call and your Wi-Fi decides to take time off?  

This anxiety-ridden scenario can be easily avoided with a Wi-Fi signal booster. Depending on how strong a connection you need and how far away your workspace is from your existing router, prices are usually affordable for a basic Wi-Fi booster with a limited range.

Label Printer

The last thing you want is for things to get messy and disorganized in your home office. Investing in a good label printer can help you keep your workspace neat and organized – with all your documents, files, and stationery in their rightful place.

Which Home Office Multifunction Printer to Choose?

Choosing the right all-in-one laser printer or multifunction inkjet printer for your home office really depends on your expected print volume and the type of documents you need to print. 
Some businesses require only black-and-white printing while others need to print graphs and detailed business reports in colour. Creative professionals like photographers, designers, and artists working from home may even need to print high quality photos and posters.

Inkjet vs Laser Printer — Which Is Better for Your Home Office?

What is the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer? 

Let us compare laser and inkjet printers to see which may be best suited for your home office setup:

·  Laser printers offer fast print speed 

·  Laser printers result in sharp text quality

·  Laser printers are more suited for high volume printing

·  Inkjet printers often provide more vibrant colours 

·  Inkjet printers are usually affordable

·  Inkjet printers are usually compact

Now that you’ve learned the differences between laser and inkjet printers, your next step is to choose the best printer for your home office. (Alternatively, you can also choose to read up more on the differences between a laser printer and an inkjet printer.)

Best All-in-One Home Office Laser Printer

Brother multifunction laser printer DCP-L2550DW

A prime example of a highly-effective all-in-one laser printer is the Brother DCP-L2550DW Laser Printer. It is the ultimate mid-sized printer for your home or small office. Boasting a speedy 34 page-per-minute (ppm) print speed, you’ll be able to receive your documents in a jiffy. It also has automatic 2-sided printing that is eco-friendly and helps you to save paper.

With scanning, copying and fax capabilities, you may expect a rather cumbersome footprint, but you’ll be surprised – this 4-in-1 is actually very compact and does not take up much more space than your regular printer.

With wireless capabilities, you can easily connect to the printer through your Wi-Fi network. You can also use apps like AirPrint, Mopria, as well as Brother iPrint&Scan.  Another popular choice is the Brother DCP-L3551CDW Laser Printer – a cost-efficient and reliable printer that is perfect for small home offices. This fast monochrome and colour printer churns out stunning pages at a speed of up to 18ppm. It also features wireless connectivity and automatic duplex printing for eco-friendly and professional two-sided documents.

Best Home Office Multifunction Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers also have their own set of advantages. They typically offer:

  • Vibrant colours for photo prints
  • Low upfront investment and running costs
  • Compact sizes
Brother multifunction inkjet printer DCP-T520W

A good example of a high-quality all-in-one inkjet printer is the Brother DCP-T520W Ink Tank Printer. Built for high-volume printing, the DCP-T520W is able to print, copy and scan, and can print up to 7,500 pages in black and 5,000 pages in colour, all at a low cost-per-print. What’s more, it supports various paper sizes and weights, so printing different print jobs is now a breeze.

How To Print Anything From Anywhere

businesswoman using laptop for wireless printing

Looking out for ways to print any document from anywhere — be it in a shared workspace, office, retail shop or even at home? 

Tired of getting all tangled up by multiple wires from various IT devices?

Welcome to the world of wireless printing technology — one where mobile printing doesn’t have to be mind-boggling or reserved for IT experts.

With a wireless printer at home or at your office, you can easily access your printing device without the hassle of plugging and unplugging wires. Many modern printers are able to access your home network via Wi-Fi, allowing you to print to your home printer from anywhere at any time.

In this article, we will address your most common questions in wireless printing:

  1. How Do You Print Anything From Anywhere?
  2. Print-from-Anywhere From Your Mobile Device
  3. How to Print On-the-Go (Best Portable Printers)
  4. Can you scan a document to your mobile device?
  5. Best Mobile and Cloud Printing Solutions

How Do You Print Anything From Anywhere?

To print anything from anywhere, you’ll need to first consider the context of where you are printing your document from. Perhaps you are trying to print a document at home from your personal devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, or you are trying to print something at your office or coworking space.

Printers with a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection

If it is a mobile device, printing can be done by connecting your mobile device to the same wireless (Wi-Fi) network as your printer. There is no need to even install a printer driver. As long as your phone and printer is connected to your office or home’s wireless network, you can print to it directly from a nearby location.

Printers with an Internet Connection

If the remote printer has a web connection, you can use your email application to send your print jobs to it without needing to be in the same location.

lady sipping coffee and working from home

How to Print-from-Anywhere From Your Mobile Device

If you use an iOS device, Apple Airprint lets you print from your device to any wireless printer that shares the same wireless network. You don’t even need to download and install additional software (drivers). Do check this list to make sure your printer is compatible with AirPrint.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Make sure your phone and your printer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the app you want to print from and find the print option. This may fall under ‘Share’, ‘Print’ or ‘Other Options’. 
  3. Tap ‘Print’ or the printer icon and select ‘Choose an Airprint-enabled Printer’.  
  4. You should then be able to identify and select the printer of your choice, specify your printing needs (number of copies or customised pages, etc.), and send your print job off!

Major printer makers—such as Brother, Canon, and HP—cover iOS devices and are compatible with AirPrint.

Android users are not left out of the action. They can also tap on a range of wireless apps for direct printing from most printer vendors. There are also printing apps, such as Mopria Print, that you can download and use.

How to Print On-the-Go (Best Portable Printers)

If your business finds you constantly on the road, and you often have to whip up (and print out) documents on a whim, it may be best to invest in a reliable portable printer.

When selecting a portable printer, ensure that their form factors are compact enough for bringing it along with you. Do also consider the electrical plugs needed (especially if you’re travelling abroad for business), as well as their ability to accept wireless printing from multiple devices.

If you’re using iOS devices, make sure you choose one that is compatible with Apple Airprint. Here is a list of the best portable printers to look out for. 

Can You Scan a Document To Your Mobile Device?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Using Brother’s Cloud Apps, you can scan any document and save it on your mobile phone. Simply use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the printer’s LCD screen and the scanned document will be saved on your device.

The Best Mobile and Cloud Printing Solutions from Brother

If you are looking for mobile or cloud printing solutions that are suited for road warriors, consider Brother’s range of mobile and cloud printing apps and solutions.

1. iPrint&Scan

Brother’s iPrint&Scan app allows you to print or scan effortlessly from your smartphone, tablet, or notebook – without the need for cumbersome wires.

The app also comes with a range of advanced features such as document editing, faxing, and machine status updates. You can also use the app as a scanner and save scanned images or documents directly to your device. It is also compatible with AirPrint, Mopria, and Windows Mobile Print.

2. WebConnect

Brother WebConnect allows you to share and collaborate anywhere in the world in an instant.

You can readily access and print documents from the cloud and improve workplace collaboration with your Brother WebConnect supported printing device, enabling true on-the-go printing.

3. Cloud Apps

Brother’s free suite of innovative, cloud-based applications lets you create, edit, and convert files – without even touching a computer!

Designed for busy professionals who seek to enhance their productivity, noteworthy features include Brother CreativeCenter, Cloud Secure Print, and Easy Scan to Mobile or Email. There is even an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning function to editable and searchable file formats. 


Brother smart wifi-enabled printer

With wireless and on-the-go printing, your home office will never feel the same again. If you’re looking for a smart, reliable wireless printer to up your work-from-home game, do check out these bestsellers from Brother: